Home Economics/Life Model Split Single

Idiots is Home Economics’ debut single. The jangle pop four-piece have been compared to Orange Juice, The Pastels, The Vaselines and The Spook School.

“Idiots’ is just a killer clatter of brash guitars and spiky attitude, performed with disgust at the idiots it’s written about. It puts me firmly in mind of the legendary Vaselines when they were at their noisy best. This is always a good thing.” Overblown

Real Estate is the new offering from the dream pop quartet Life Model. Over the past year the band have supported fellow Glaswegians Honeyblood and Catholic Action as well US acts Skating Polly and Jessica Lea Mayfield.

“A band maturing with every release, better detailing their romantic visions and hazy soundscapes with every new track and every wonderful new idea” For the Rabbits